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Learn everything you need to know about day trading


If you are an individual, professional or investor looking to venture into Forex Education & Trading, Blockchain - Digital business Tools, Cryptocurrency,Online Games,APP & Portal Development. We can help you to be a successful individual or empower your business with our knowledge, expertise and business proficiency.

Hi I am Shiv

I am a professional trader that has been involved with markets for over 18 years. I use technical analysis to seek out and discover objective long and short swing-trading opportunities. 

I also love to teach. Over my career I’ve presented countless seminars across the country both to small groups and convention-sized audiences. I enjoy the process of helping others develop and expand their capabilities. I bring this passion to teach and share to the site.


FX|STOCKS|CRYPTOS| A Class for Everybody

Adult Education Course


We are here to share our success with you and guide you through the discipline and dedication it takes to trade successfully.

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A trading algorithm is a step-by-step set of instructions that will guide buy and sell orders.

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