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Forex Basic Knowledge

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Forex for Beginners

  • Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Market

  • The most popular currency pairs and asset classes

  • Importance concepts in the Forex market such as leverage and margin, order types and more.

Topics Overview

  • What is Forex?

  • Welcome to Forex

  • What are we trading?

  • What is a pip?

  • The basics of how money is made trading FX

  • The History of FX

  • Interest Rate expectations

  • FX Market Size

  • Currency Names and Symbols

  • Navigating The Market

  • Engaging With The Market

  • Introduction to Risk Management​


Forex Technical Analysis


Forex for Technical Analysis

  • Price action analysis to assist a trader's technical approach.

  • How to mesh technical and fundamental analysis while keeping an eye on risk management.

  • An Introduction to Trading Psychology.

Topics Overview

  • Types of Charts

  • Support & Resistance

  • Introduction to Patterns

  • Introduction to Price Action

  • Introduction to Trendlines

  • Trader Psychology


Forex Algorithm Trading


Forex Intermediate Knowledge

Online Learning

Forex for Intermediate

  • The role of economics and supply/demand relationships

  • The importance of economic data announcements and how prices can drive off of new data

  • Introduction of indicators and sentiment analysis to assist with buy/sell decisions.

Topic Overview

  • Trading Style & Flavors

  • FX Market Timezone

  • FX Major Trading Zone

  • Technical Analysis

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Economics of FX

  • Charting & Indicators

  • Time Frame Analysis

  • Leading Indicators

  • Sentimental Analysis

  • Lagging Vs Leading Indicators

  • Bank - Study of Policy

  • Secrets of Multiple Time Frame​


Forex Trading Strategies

Analyzing Graphs

Forex Strategies and Risk Management

  • How to compose, follow, and modify a trading plan.

  • How to adapt an approach to varying market conditions.

  • How to integrate advanced forms of analysis such as Elliot Wave, or Ichimoku.

Topics Overview

  • Trading as a Business

  • Read Risk On/Off

  • Advance Integrator

  • Co-related Studies

  • Trading Stratergies

  • Range & Breakouts

Cryptocurrency Trading Stratergy

Stocks on a Screen

Forex - Getting Started with Algorithm Trading

  • What is Algorithmic Trading and its advantages over manual trading

  • Different strategy paradigms & modeling ideas used for algorithmic trading and back-testing

  • The requirements for setting up an algorithmic trading platform.

  • How to backtest any strategy.

  • How to manage intraday risk while trading in the forex markets.


Cryptocurrency - Getting Started with Crypto Trading

  • The basics of cryptocurrencies

  • How to choose wallets and exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies.

  • How to create a strategy based on the day of the week and backtest it.

  • How to backtest any strategy.

  • Advanced trading strategies for cryptocurrencies


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