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12th May - Crypto Price Analysis

(By Shivkumar)



  • BTC the $10,000 level proved to be a tough challenge to cross and fell to $8,130.58. The strong bounce back from these level is a positive sign.

  • The price recovered sharply from $8,130.58 and since then has been trading above the $8,500 levels.

  • If the pair bounces off $8,500, it could be a good buy entry point for the traders with a stop-loss placed just below $ 8500 with objective on $9,600 and then $10,000.

  • If the BTC breaks below $8,500, traders can wait for the price to bounce off the support which can offer another buying opportunity with stops placed just below $ 8500.

  • Bearish below $ 8500 and will be negative, which will be possible change in trend and bottom buying should be avoided.


  • The bulls failed to sustain the higher levels and resulted in correction at $ 204.

  • Buyer have been buying the dips of $ 204 and the pair bounced back from the support line which is a positive sign.

  • Bearish below $181.40 and fall to $167 and below it to $150.

  • Traders can initiate short positions below $181 with stops just above $194.

  • Bulls can be seen buying at $ 181, push the price above $197.821-$201.696 and which could rally above $ 208.

  • Markets are volatile, traders are advised to keep their stop loss trailing with small lots of trade.


  • Ripple was at the forefront of the selloff which took the price to$0.1750.

  • Bulls have in the last 48 hours have pulled the price and capped $0.20.

  • We need to wait for current session and the European session.

  • If it breaks $ .20 then it might push to $0.21.

  • Current trend shows consolidation and trades should be avoided.


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