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14th July - Cryptocurrency Price Analysis - Shivkumar



  • Technical analysis are pointing towards a consolidation. As per past consolidation we have seen a rally after the break of the consolidation period.

  • If the consolidation moves to the upside, a break above the $10,000–$10,500 resistance is high.

  • If the don't break and move above as stated, than it shows that the bulls are not in a hurry to move upside.

  • Technical charts show it will be a upside movement, but its not a guarantee in trading.

  • On the downside it could be bearish if bear cracks the support at $8,130.58.


  • ETH is currently trading inside the $216.006–$253.556 range, defending $ 236 , which hints at a possible change in trend.

  • A breakout of $253.556 will set uptrend that has a target objective of $288.599 and push above this level, a rally to $320 is possible.

  • Bullish view will be invalid if moves below $ 236.


  • A break above $0.19 will target $0.214616 will signal strength and increase the possibility of a rally to $0.235688.

  • If the bears defend the resistance at $0.214616, pair could remain range-bound for a few days.

  • Bearish below $0.19 pair will indicate weakness.


  • Bearish below $ 233 if that happens, a drop to the $217.55 levels is possible.

  • If the bulls can push the price above $ 233 with a target to $245.49, a rally to $260 and then to $280.47 is likely.

  • Technical shows that the price it at midpoint and there is a balance between bulls and bears.

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