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15th Feb Crypto Technical & Market Watch

(By Shivkumar)



Bulls and investor have not given up once the price has turned back from $10,360.89.Bullish above $ 9653 and will again attempt for $ 10,360.There might be a possibility of bulls being in these range $10,360.89 to $11,000 zone. Bearish below $ 9653 and next support will be $9,097.15. Traders can keep the stop loss on the remaining buy positions at $8,900.


From the current level the next target objective is $289.221 and above it $318.238. If the momentum remains strong, the rally can even extend to $366.Bearish below level of $237.70.Traders can keep the stops on the remaining buy positions at $210. We shall suggest trailing the stops higher after the price sustains above $289.221.


Bulls can push the price above $0.34229,the next target to watch out for is $0.40.Bearish below $0.31503, and the next support $0.274. A bounce off this level will increase the possibility of a break above $0.34229.The stops on the buy positions can be retained at $0.26. The stops can be trailed higher after the pair sustains above $0.34229.


BCH nearing physiological level of $ 500. They might find resistance in the $500-$515 zone. If successful it can target at $550 is possible.Can turn bearish if it break from the current level.

Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency at the time of writing.

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