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18th Apr - Crypto Technical & Market Watch

(By Shivkumar)



  • Bullish as the bears might present resistance at $7,454.17 but if this level is crossed, the uptrend is likely to resume. The first target is a move to $8,000, then a rally to $9,000 is possible.

  • Bearish if the bulls fail to rally the price above $7,454.17, and might be range bound for few days.

  • The trend will turn negative on a break below $6,471.71.

  • Traders can trail their stop loss on the buy positions to $6,000.


  • Bullish above $176.103, the ETH/USD pair can rally to $208.50 and then to $250.

  • Bearish if falls below $148.

  • Traders can have the stop loss on the buy positions can be maintained at $135. The stops can be trailed to $145 after the pair closes above $177.


  • Bearish if pair turns down from this level $0.20570, it might remain range-bound for a few more days and will be negative on a break below $0.15708.

  • Bullish above $0.20570, a rally to $0.25 is likely.

  • Traders can have the stops on the buy positions can be maintained at $0.155.


  • Bullish as the buyers are facing resistance at $242 and rally to $280 is likely. Once $280 is overcome, a rally to $350 will be on the cards.

  • Bearish if the price turns down from the current levels, and fall to $200.

  • Traders can protect their remaining buy positions with the stops below $197.


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