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20th Feb Crypto Technical & Market Watch

(By Shivkumar)



Bulls continue to buy the dips and the price is back above $10,000,likely to attempt $ 10,360.89 and can be range bound for few days.Above these level it can attempt for $11,400, that can open the doors for a rally to $13,973.50.Bearish below $9,456.78. Traders can trail their stop loss on the remaining buy positions to $9,400.


ETH has rebounded from support at $235.70,and if rally continues it can carry the price above the recent high of $288.599, and the next target objective is $318 and above it $366. ETH can be range bound price if turns down from $288.599. There can be correction if bears sink the price below $235.70.Traders can trail the stops on the remaining buy positions to $230. The stops can be moved up once again after the price sustains above $288.599


The bulls can push the price above $0.31503, pair can move up to $0.34229 and above it to $0.40. Bearish from current levels and fall below $0.26362. Traders can protect their buy positions with stops at $0.26.


Bulls will again try to carry the price to $500.The price above the $500-$515.35 resistance zone, a move to $600 is possible. It can be range-bound or suggests a consolidation for the next few days. Bearish below $360 will turn the tables in favor of the bears.

Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency at the time of writing.

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