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24th Dec - Crypto Technicals & Market Watch

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If the bulls can push the price above $7,856.76, target objective of $9,201.51 and above it $10,360.89.  Traders can buy on a close above $7,856.76 and keep an initial stop loss of $7,000. Bearish if turns down from $7,856.76. Trend will be negative if below $6,435.


Bears will try to pull below $125. If successful, a drop to the recent low at $117.09 is likely. The next support on the downside is $100. If the bulls pull the price at $131.484, $143 and $157.50 is possible. Short term traders can stay on the long above the $ 138 at $143. Positional traders please wait.


We expect the bulls to push the price above above $0.20041, a rally to $0.2326 is possible. The short-term traders can buy on a close above $0.20041 with a stop loss of $0.1740. Bearish if the price below $0.20041,and might retest the recent low at $0.17468.


If the price turns down it can again dip to $183.40 and below it to $169.62. If the bulls keep the price above $192.52 can carry the price to $227.01. Short-term traders can buy if the price sustains above $204 for four hours with a stop loss of $183.


Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency at the time of writing.

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