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2nd May - Crypto Price Analysis

(By Shivkumar)



  • Bulls could not sustain the higher levels as short-term traders booked profits.

  • Bulls bought the dip to $8,401.06,and again pushed the price above $9,000 but cant sustain higher.

  • Bullish above current levels or $8,175.49, will make another attempt to push above $9,200 and a rally to $10,000 is possible.

  • Bearish from current levels current level and might below $7,454.17.

  • If bulls don't rally the price above $9,200,traders can book profit on about 70% of the buy position.

  • Rest of the trade position can be held with a deeper stop loss at $7,626.


  • Bears are still active at higher levels.

  • Bullish above $227.097,and rally to $250 and then to $289.599.

  • Bearish from current level fall to $186.

  • Traders can keep the stops on 50% of buy positions at $200 and the rest at $185.


  • Bullish above $0.20570 and might rally to $0.24560 and $0.28 is possible.

  • Range bound if price below $0.24560.

  • Traders can book partial profits on the buy positions close to $0.24560.

  • The stops on the remaining positions can be kept at $0.19.

  • Bearish below $ 0.19.


  • Bulls are defending the price of support $250 make another attempt to push the price above $280.47. If successful might rally to $ 350.

  • Range bound for few days if the price is not above $280.47.

  • Traders can trail the stops on the buy positions to $230 because if this level breaks, a drop to $200 is possible.


Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency at the time of writing.Register for Technical news and market update || Facebook :- ||Instagram :- ||Twitter|| Whats App :- +91-70439-12326

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