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30th July - Crypto Technical & Market Watch

(By Shivkumar)

US Defense Dept. to Experiment With Blockchain-Based Security

First, DARPA is experimenting with blockchain in order to construct a new — or improved — communication and transaction platform. Stated intentions for this platform include communications between units and headquarters as well as between intelligence officers and the Pentagon.

Chile-Based Remittance and Payment Firm CurrencyBird Joins RippleNet

CurrencyBird has thus ostensibly become the first Chilean payments company to join RippleNet, a network of institutional payment-providers such as banks and money services businesses that use solutions developed by Ripple to send money globally.


Bitcoin (BTC) fell close to the critical support of $9,080,we expect bears to make another attempt to break below the support.If $9,080 breaks down,the next support zone of $7,451.63 to $6,933.90.If these holds $9,080,a retest of the recent highs of $13,973.50. We wait before suggesting some trade.

Crypto Technical & Market Watch
30th July - Crypto Technical & Market Watch


Unless bulls push the price above $235.7 within the next few days, the support is likely to be broken.If the ETH/USD pair plunges below $192.945, it will resume the down move and can drop to $150. If the pair rebounds sharply from the uptrend line and rises above $235.7,a retest of $320.840 is probable.We will wait before suggesting a trade.


The bears do not want to get overly aggressive at current levels because they have not been able to break below $0.27795.Unless the sentiment is negative, we do not anticipate a breakdown of $0.27795.We will wait before suggesting any trade.


Bulls have not been able to push prices higher.Bitcoin Cash (BCH) breaks below the uptrend line $310 once again, a fall to $251.33 is likely.If the $251.23–$227.70 support zone broken, the BCH/USD pair can slump to $166.98. If the bulls defend the uptrend line and push the price back above the $ 381 and $345.80, This has a target objective of $440.37. Traders should not be in a hurry to buy in a downtrend. We will wait before suggesting any trade.

Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency at the time of writing.

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