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3oth July - Cryptocurrency Price Analysis - Shivkumar



  • Aggressive buying by the bulls and short covering by the bears was seen by traders hit an intraday high of $11,377.55.

  • After a low $10,569, the price had recovered to $10,910.32 which suggests strong demand at lower levels.

  • The uptrend can resume if the bulls can push the price above $11,377.55.

  • If $11,870.50 broken and this level is crossed, the uptrend can extend to $14,000.

  • As per charts price above $9,840 suggests that the bulls are in command.

  • Bearish if the price turns around from $ 10,910 levels and plummets back below the $10,500–$10,000 zone.


  • Bullish above $332.931 if they succeed, the uptrend can reach $366 and the next target is $480.

  • Bearish if the pair again turns down from close to $332.931 resistance, it can decline to $288.599–$284.261 support zone.


  • The buyers will now try to push the price to $0.25.

  • We might selling from these level and correction of the price.

  • If bulls breakout above $0.25 and rally to the next target objective of $0.284.

  • Bearish below $ 0.20.


  • If the bulls can sustain the price above $280.47 for couple of days, a new uptrend, with the first target objective at $360 and then $400 can be seen.

  • Bearish below $280.47,it will suggest that the current breakout was a bull trap.

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