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4th April - Crypto Technical & Market Watch

(By Shivkumar)



  • Bearish if BTC/USD pair below $ 6563, a drop to $5,660.47 is possible and there is a low probability for the same.

  • Bulls can push the price above $7,000, it will signal strength and $7,704 is likely to act as a resistance, and there is a probability to be crossed.

  • Once $ 7000 is crossed,a rally to $9,000 is likely traders can retain the stop loss on the buy positions at $5,600.


  • Bullish above $155.612,$189 might offer resistance but probability is more to be crossed. The target objective is a move to $250. We stand buy suggested as previous analysis.

  • Bearish below $155.612, a few more days of range-bound action is likely and negative below support at $117.09.


  • Bullish above $0.18867, the pair can move up to $0.21,after this level is crossed, the next move can be to $0.25.

  • Bearish below $0.16190. Traders can keep the stop loss on the buy positions at $0.143. The stops can be trailed higher to $0.16 after the pair sustains above $0.19 for four hours.


  • If the bulls can push the price above $250, we expect a move to $350,we stand buy as suggested in an earlier analysis.

  • Bearish below the current levels and falls below $197.43, a drop to $166 is possible.


Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency at the time of writing.Register for Technical news and market update shiv@shivfxcrypto.comFacebook :- ||Instagram :- ||Twitter

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