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4th June - Crypto Price Analysis

(By Shivkumar)



  • BTC surged to a high of $10,362.42 but could not sustain the price above of $10,500.

  • Bulls purchased the dip to $9,362, and which suggests more buyer might buy at the dips who foresee higher price level in future.

  • If the BTC sustains above $ 9361,bulls will again try to push the price above $ 10,362 and might again target $ 10,500. If the rally continues we can see a new uptrend.

  • If the BTC fall below $ 9361, bears will try to sink the price breaks $ 8704, and can drag the pair to $8,130.58.


  • ETH reached a high of $253.556, just short of $257, which was the target objective and plunged to $225.873.

  • The bulls purchased the dip to $227.097 which is a huge positive and if rises above $253.556, a rally to $265 is possible.

  • Bearish if it falls below current level or below $219. If this support cracks, a fall to $202 is possible.


  • The buying has not been at higher level and below $0.20570.

  • If successful, the pair is likely to make another attempt to rally to the $0.23612–$0.24770 resistance zone.

  • if the bears sink the price below $ 0.20570, the pair could correct to $0.19 and then to $0.17372.

  • Traders who have buy positions can continue to keep the stop-loss at $0.19 and further trailed if pair sustains above $ 0.215.


  • BTC turned around from $269.17 and plunged back into the $217.55–$255.46 range.

  • If the bulls can again push the price above $255.46 a rally to $280.47 possible.

  • A breakout of $280.47 will start a new uptrend with target objective of $350.

  • Traders can take positions once the price breaks above $ 280.

Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency at the time of writing.Register for Technical news and market update || Facebook :- ||Instagram :- ||Twitter|| Whats App :- +91-70439-12326

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