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6th August - Cryptocurrency Price Analysis - By Shivkumar



  • Technical charts show moving averages and the RSI in the overbought zone suggest that the bulls are in command. 

  • Bullish if buyers push the pair above $12,113.50, the uptrend resumes, with target of upside is $13,000 and then $14,000.

  • Bearish below $12,113.50 resistance, it could enter a consolidation between $10,400–$12,113.50 for a few days.

  • Bearish trend and a huge negative below $10,400 and will catch the bulls off guard resulting in liquidations of long positions. 


  • Bullish if the bulls can push above the $400–$415.634 resistance zone, a rally to $480 is possible.

  • Technical charts as per Moving average shows bulls have advantage, but RSI signals caution as its overbought.

  • Bearish below $366, the correction can extend to $346.857 and $325.612.

  • We can see the change in the trend, if the bears sink the price below $304.367.


  • Bulls have kept the price above the $0.284584 indicating buying on dips.

  • Technical charts Moving average are slopping and RSI in the overbought shows bulls are in command.

  • Bullish If the bulls can push the price above $0.32,and retest at $0.346727. 


  • Bulls have kept the price above $272 and a break above the $305 we need to watch next level to watch out for is $320 and then $353.

  • Bearish below $280 and $ 272, it will signal advantage to the bears.

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