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Recordkeeper - Different Platform blockchain Technologies - Part 3

(By Shivkumar)


Recordkeeper - Blockchain Technologies
Recordkeeper - Blockchain Technologies

RecordsKeeper is a Global open public record keeping and data security platform. The platform will help improve the immune ability and probability of records for individuals, businesses and even governments. By making use of Blockchain Technology, RecordsKeeper will present user with a trustless, transparent open record keeping and data security. The platform removes the need for third parties with records keeping.

Current traditional system poses many challenges listed below:

  1. Impossible to authenticate & verify data without involving the trusted third party

  2. It is not immutable. Easy to change, very difficult to detect the tempering of data

  3. Impossible to check data integrity without involving trusted third party

  4. How will you check the integrity of millions of data objects or records have been maintained?

Recordkeepers will create a global open ecosystem for data sharing and verification. It will allow anyone to push verifiable records of any data objects in the global open RecordsKeeper Blockchain.

Recordkeepers some of the features

  • Completely open Source

  • High security with mining or permissioned configurations

  • Easy to let anyone get read only access for data verification without involving you

  • Easy to integrate with other businesses for external use if needed

Recordkeepers are selling their tokens(XRK) via Initial coin offering (ICO). With the raised fund the company will be able to accelerate the growth in all the fronts including, development, user acquisition, sales, marketing, community building etc.

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