Refferal Income

Affiliate program is for an investor or someone who is looking for excellent options to make money online.You just need to send us new clients and start making money. You are free to use your own strategies to market our services as a registered Shivfxcrypto affiliate. It can be your friends or acquaintances or your own family members too.

Our affiliate program has been very carefully designed to ensure that the program creates an excellent win-win platform for both affiliates and for the company. If you are looking for sustained income generation options, then choose our lucrative affiliate program. You will be able to enjoy ongoing income to supplement your investment returns.

Our affiliate program is very simple and straightforward program and it is categorized as follows:-

The Referral Bonus - Every time when new clients sign up and activate their account either as Fx Basic or Fx Premium or FX Ultimate affiliates shall get one-time referral bonus.

The Performance Bonus and Leadership Bonus - Here the affiliates get bonus when the clients they've introduced make profits from their investments.

The Spread Bonus - You are also allowed to introduce self traders from other broking institutions. Here Shivfxcrypto does not charge the clients any fee as there is no fund management is involved but the clients just use the Shivfxcrypto to choose one of our preferred brokers to handle their own trade activities. Affiliates will be able to enjoy spread bonus for introducing such clients to the company.

What are you waiting for? You can introduce our world-class fund management services to others and increase your income. We pay our affiliates regularly without fail.

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