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Investors - Managed Advisory

We are typically staffed by experienced traders and investment professionals who have a deep understanding of the Forex market and the various trading strategies that can be employed to generate profits. Our professionals use their expertise to manage client investments and ensure that they are meeting their investment objectives.

Some common services provided by us are follows:-

  1. Investment advice: We provide clients with investment advice based on their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and other factors. This advice can include recommendations on specific trades, as well as broader market analysis and forecasting.

  2. Portfolio management: We manage client portfolios, making trades on their behalf to generate profits and minimize risk. Our analyst  may use a range of trading strategies, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and quantitative analysis, to identify trading opportunities.

  3. Risk management:  We employ a range of risk management strategies to protect client investments from market volatility. This can include diversification, hedging, and stop-loss orders, among other techniques.

  4. Performance monitoring: We closely monitor the performance of client investments and provide regular reports to clients on the fund's performance. They use this information to make adjustments to their investment strategy as needed.

  5. Communication with clients: We communicate regularly with clients to provide updates on the fund's performance and any changes to the investment strategy. They also provide advice and guidance on investment decisions and respond to client questions and concerns.

Overall,  e can be a valuable partner for investors looking to participate in the Forex market. These companies provide expertise and resources that can help investors achieve their investment objectives while minimizing risk.

Copy Trading

investors can benefit from the expertise of successful traders without having to learn how to trade themselves. Our fund manager will find profitable trades, diversify investment, manage risk and enhance your profitablity.

  • Minimum account size - Above $ 5000

  • Scalable and modular for higher account sizes

  • Unique and flexible ROI structure.

  • Your broker & trading account.

  • Profit sharing 50-50% 

Managed Account

We manage on behalf of individuals, institutions, or other entities. It involves the selection, monitoring, and modification of an investment portfolio to achieve a specific financial objective, such as generating income, preserving capital, or maximizing returns.

  • Minimum account size - Above $ 10,000

  • Customised plans for every investor profile

  • Suited to diverse risk appetites as RR ratio

  • Return on investment as per risk & reward ratio.

  • Draw down 30% max.

  • We only share on profits.

  • In case of draw down we deposit our money to recover the trading account. As per client mutually agreement.


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